by Suvir Saran


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the instamatic Story

Through the medium of a simple iPhone, Suvir shows us how to broaden our horizons and humanize one another, one image at a time. These 75 photos and the thoughts that accompany them make us sit up and pay attention to that which we would ordinarily ignore or take for granted. These are mature reflections, poetically expressed and of a profound sensibility, accompanied by images of a world seen beyond the naked eye.

Every chef is an artist, and Suvir Saran is an artist extraordinaire who has lived his life with his signature passion and enthusiasm. In Instamatic, Suvir shares with us the inspiration behind his art and what drives him to create the culinary masterpieces that have won him popular acclaim and a Michelin star. He has long been a proponent of food’s ability to transcend countries, cultures and civilisations and bring about a unique ability to converse and to heal. In this book he shares with us his journeys across multiple civilisations, from the land of his birth to the land of his karma. We are privileged to share the goings-on in his mind that inspire him, motivate him and drive him to create his art. We can partake of the thoughts and visions that ultimately give rise to his creations.

the instamatic OPINION

“ This is a volume to enjoy, and to savour. It opens our eyes for us, helps alter our mind.


What greater value can any of us seek from a book?


The next time I savour one of Suvir’s signature dishes, I know the taste will be enhanced for me by the knowledge that I am consuming, literally, the work of a man who feels, and who, in this volume, has taught us all to feel as well."


Author & Member of Parliament, Thiruvanthinapuram

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